Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

The most valuable asset in improving our stock exchange is our employees. Human resources policy and processes are designed in a way to attract qualified people to the Company and improve their skills continuously.

Borsa İstanbul recruitment procedures are regulated by internal legislation in accordance with the principle of offering equal opportunities to persons of equal qualifications and recruitment of newly graduated candidates is realized through written examinations and interviews with the purpose of ensuring objectivity. In the case of recruitment of experienced staff, independent appraisers are assigned to evaluate the candidates and, through multi-stage interviews, criteria that will contribute to the work efficiency such as the candidate’s capability of adaptation to the corporate culture and inclination towards teamwork as well as professional knowledge.

The most critical factor in planning the careers of employees’ is their successful accomplishments. However, minimum experience required for promotion to each position should be fulfilled as a requirement of our internal legislation.

All rights awarded to our employees by our Company are explicitly regulated by internal legislation, the designated rights are accrued on every employee who meets the conditions specified in the legislation without any discrimination and no further payment will be made other than these.

Regular and additional trainings are organized for the purpose of improving knowledge and skills of our employees, based upon request of the executives. In addition, a safe working environment and conditions are provided for the employees and are regularly improved.

Meetings are held at the level of Executive Vice President at least once a year attended by executives for the purpose of providing information to employees on important revision plans with respect to staff policy, and policies are formed in these meetings taking into consideration the suggestions of the employees.

In order to ensure the employees’ freedom to establish associations and the efficient use of collective bargaining right, space is allocated to both the association founded by our employees and to the workers’ union on Intranet for efficient communication purposes.