Watchlist Market

Capital market instruments that are previously traded in the Outright Purchases and Sales Market and decided to be traded in the Watchlist Market pursuant to the Listing Directive are traded in the Watchlist Market.

Order Rules

Same or forward value date outright purchase and sale transactions are realized in the Watchlist Market. Value dates, price types and order entry methods regarding the functioning of Outright Purchases and Sales Market as well as principles regarding price and yield ticks determined by Borsa İstanbul regulations are applicable in the Watchlist Market.     

Orders are valid for the day on which they are placed. Unmatched orders and the unexecuted part of matched orders transmitted to the market can be canceled. All the same day value-dated orders are canceled unless executed at the time the same day value-dated order entry ends. Future value-dated orders are canceled by the system automatically unless executed when the Market is closed.

Order Sizes

Orders are transmitted in minimum order size and its multiplies. The minimum and maximum order sizes in effect are as follows:

Minimum Maximum
10.000 100.000.000