Information Policy

Information Policy


Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. aims to share transparent, timely and consistent information with stakeholders and the public with the belief that it is necessary to disclose accurate and complete information-except from trade secrets.


The Information Policy regulates the written and verbal communication of the Borsa İstanbul. Information policy consists of matters such as which information will be announced to the public except the ones specified by the legislation, how and by which means this information will be announced to the public and similar.

Authority and Responsibility

The Information Policy is prepared by the Board of Directors and is disclosed to the public.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the follow-up, review and improvement of the Policy. The Corporate Governance Committee provides recommendations for the development of the Policy and oversees its implementation.

The unit responsible for investor relations coordinates communications with shareholders and all other interested parties, taking into account the Information Policy and the company's rights and interests.

General Principles of Information Policy

-       Borsa İstanbul discloses its affairs and transactions accurately, completely, explicitly, comprehensibly and truly in such a way to protect rights and benefits of the Company.

-        It will not provide misleading, exaggerated information which is contrary to facts and will not lead to false opinions.

-        Borsa İstanbul takes the precautions which will ensure market participants to access all data and information produced in  Borsa İstanbul in a complete and accurate way.

-       Clear and explicit expressions, simple concepts and terms are used and vague expressions which may cause uncertainty are avoided in public disclosures and announcements.

-        Borsa İstanbul will not give privileged, preferential, partial treatments and practices to private or legal entities, which are   against the principle of equality.

-        Borsa İstanbul is determined to provide accurate and reliable information to the public and the media. All disclosures should   be accurate, honest, on time declarations reflecting the truth only.

-        The executives who provide information keep service to investors above all benefits. They act in accordance with the service       requirements.

Authorized Persons in Giving Information

Within the framework of the Articles of Association of Istanbul, the representation and responsibility of the Company belongs to the Board of Directors.

People authorized in giving information means Chairman of the Board and the Executive Commitee, members of the Board, CEO and CEO’s proxy, assigned Executive Vice Presidents and besides all persons who are given the authority and responsibility by the Chairman of the Board and the Executive Commitee to provide information about the Company.

Company employees are not authorized to answer questions, except for those authorized by the level of information.

Persons Assigned for Giving Information

Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Communications Director and Director responsible from Investor Relations are assigned for coordination of giving information to the investors. These executives perform their respective responsibilities by working closely with the Board.

Information Methods and Channels

Information is disclosed via financial statements and reports, annual reports, corporate websites, press releases, e-bulletins, periodicals, social media, etc. Data and information is conveyed to investors by Borsa İstanbul through the communication channels created by the methods and instruments given below:

-       Corporate Website

-       Information and data regarding Borsa legislation, capital market instruments, operation of the markets, data, companies listed in Borsa İstanbul, indexes, training materials, public offering and trading procedure in the stock exchange and investment companies are offered to the users in Turkish and English in corporate website of Borsa İstanbul. Information on trade registry, shareholder structure, organization structure, information on privileged shares, date and number of trade registry gazette where amendments are announced, together with current Articles of Association, financial reports, activity reports, announcement and agenda regarding general assembly meetings, methods of participation, list of attendees, minutes of the meeting of general assembly, dividend distribution policy, information policy, code of conduct of the Company are given on website. Borsa İstanbul provides the utmost attention in updating website.

-        Annual Report

-       Borsa İstanbul Annual Report is managed by the Board according to Turkish Commercial Code, Regulation on Determination of Minimum Content of Annual Reports of Companies, Capital Markets Legislation and Capital Markets Board of Turkey Corporate Governance Principles, and reflects accurately, completely, explicitly, comprehensibly and truly flow of activities of the Company with respect to the relevant year and its financial position in all aspects and specifies possible risks. Information on Company’s research and development studies, Company activities, financial position, assessment of governance body and other matters as well as general information are given in Annual Report.

-         Informative Meetings, teleconference and videoconferences

-         Investor Meetings and Presentations

-         Information documents prepared for investors

-        Announcements and proclamations by means of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette and, if required, other national and local newspapers Declarations of news channels and data delivery companies

-         Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin)

-         Declarations made by means of electronic mail, telephone, letters, fax etc

-         Media and press releases