O­fficial Information Resources

O­fficial Information Resources

The flow of reliable and accurate information is of utmost importance for capital markets. Reliability, transparency and investor protection are among the core principles of Borsa Istanbul. Official information on public disclosure, market data, funds and data analysis platform for investors are available on the following websites:

Public Disclosure Platform

The information pertaining to the companies such as financial reports, news and the official websites of the companies. Click for details.

BIST DataStore

Borsa İstanbul’s historic and reference data platform. Click for details.

Borsa Istanbul Data

Data Bulletins and market data. Click for details.

Türkiye Electronic Fund Trading Platform (TEFAS)

Detailed information about mutual funds, pension funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Click for details.

The Data Analysis Platform

Depository data, investor statictics, corporate governance data and MKK indices in charts. Click for details.