Dividend Distribution Policy

Dividend Distribution Policy

Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Dividend  Distribution  Policy (Policy)  is  prepared  by  Board  of  Directors  and  approved  by  General Assembly.

The purpose of this Policy is to determine the methods and principles of dividend distribution by taking into account the balance between shareholder expectations and medium and long term plans of the Company, as well as national and global economic conditions and growth targets. Dividend distribution shall be decided by the General Assembly upon  the  proposal of  the  Board  of  Directors  prepared  in  accordance  with  the  provisions  of  the  Turkish  Commercial Code, capital market legislation, tax legislation, other legislation to which the Company is subject and the provisions of the articles of association of the Company. In the dividend distribution, a consistent policy is followed in line with the corporate  governance  principles  in  force,  which  takes  into  account  the  balance  betweenthe  interests  of  the shareholders and the company.

Policy aims to distribute at least 50% of the distributable period profit, calculated in accordance with the provisions of the  Turkish  Commercial  Code,  capital  market  legislation  and  the  articlesof  associationandtaking  into  account  the company's medium and long-term strategic targets, planned investments and cash situation.

Dividends are distributed equally to all of the existing shares, regardless of their date of issuance and acquisition.

Dividend amounts determined in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and the provisions of the Company's Articles  of  association  are  determined  by  the  General  Assembly  and  distributed  to  the  shareholders  on  the  dates determined by the General Assembly within the stipulated legal periods.

If  the  Board  of  Directors  proposes  not  to  distribute  dividends,  it  informs  the  shareholders  at  the  General  Assembly about the reasons of this situation and how to use the profit.

Policy can be reviewed every year, taking into account the financial performance, investment projects and sectoral and economic conditions.

It was approved at the general assembly meeting on 27.09.2018.