Donation Policy

Donation Policy

Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Donation Policy (Policy) is prepared by Board of Directors and approved by General Assembly.

Charitable donations may be made either in money or in kind. Upper limit for donationis set by Articles of Association.

50% of this upper limit amount can be evaluated and approved by Borsa İstanbul Chief Executive Officer in consultation with the Chairman of the Board for individual amounts up to TL 250,000 per annum before seeking further approval from the Board. Donations more than TL 250,000 are subject to the Board of Directors’ approval. For real persons, the upper limit that the Chief Executive Officer can approve is TL 75,000. 

Borsa İstanbul donations are concentrated to support financial literacy, financial transactions, health, social support, cultural activities, education, disadvantaged social groups, sport, promotion of technological innovation, and to deal with natural disasters in and outside of Turkey and humanitarian crises.

Legally registered associations, foundations and non-profit organizations that Borsa İstanbul will donate should have the following features:

a) Not related to human rights’ violation.

b) Do not have policies or practices that discriminate on grounds of race, creed, religion, gender, disability or age.

c) Not involved in promotion of gambling, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearm, alcohol or similar harmful things.

d) Do not cause harm to animals for the purposes of sport or entertainment.

e) Do not have, as their main purpose, the dissemination of political information and do not otherwise use their charitable work to encourage support for political causes.

f) Do not have activities which damage the environment.

g) Fully disclose all relevant corporate and personal conflicts ofinterest.Borsa İstanbul’s preference is for charities and other non-profit organizations that have long-term goals and objectives; operate in a sustainable manner; encourage stakeholder involvement and take an innovative approach to their projects and initiatives.Borsa İstanbul provides information on the total amount of donations realized during a year and amendments in the Policy in its Annual Integrated Report.

It was approved at the general assembly meeting on 08.06.2017.