Technical Side of Precious Metals & Diamond Data Dissemination

If we wish to receive Precious Metals & Diamond market data in real time, which level / package should we ask for?

In the current situation we have one package for the Precious Metals and Diamond Market (the package is called Precious Metals and Diamond Market). You need to subscribe for this package.

Do you have a table describing each kind of market data feed by market including Precious Metals & Diamond?

Precious Metals & Diamond market data:

- 4 different kinds of metals traded: Gold, Silver, Platinium, Paladium

- 3 different types of metal is sold with different refinement: Mini Bar ( Metals less than 1 KG ) , Bar ( Metals 1 KG ) , Large Bar

In our Market Data infrastructure for Precious Metals & Diamond, we supply these data to data broadcast companies:

1 – For BUY and SELL orders , best price , worst price , best quantity , max price , order’s option ( date for clearing )

2 – Transaction (Match) Data’s, last match data, total match data’s for each metal.

For Precious Metal Market, could you confirm us this market is trading 24 hours a day from 4:00 pm to 4:00 pm the next day?

For Precious Metal Market, trading is available for 24 hours a day from 4:00 pm to 4:00 pm the next day, that’s correct but I need to clarify an important detail for operating hours:

  • From Monday thru Friday, every day, at 4pm session closes and generally 5 to 15 minutes later next session starts.
  • From Friday 4pm to Monday 4pm, same session continues without changing the session.

For other Markets trading hours please follow the links below:

For Equities Market, Click Trading Hours

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For Bonds & Bills Market (Debt Securities Market), Click Debt Securities Market and click for each instrument one by one for trading hours (on the left hand side menu)