Being Traded without Going Public

Being Traded without Going Public

Non-publicly-held corporations which issue shares to qualified investors in our Exchange or outside the Exchange without offering to public and existing partners of these corporations, also publicly-held corporations the shares of which are not traded in our Exchange may file an applications for listing of their shares for trading in EMQI. The applications for listing of shares may be acceptable only if and when:

a) the issue document is approved by CMB;

b) the articles of association of the company does not contain clauses restricting the transfer and circulation of the shares to be traded;

c) the company is not subject to significant legal disputes affecting its production and other activities, and it has to be documented by a legal report issued by a lawyer not having any direct or indirect relationship with the corporation that the legal situation of the corporation in terms of its establishment and business operations and the legal situation of its shares are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations;

d) as a result of an assessment made by considering the financial situation and operations of the company, the Board of Directors must have taken a positive decision for trading of shares in EMQI;

e) The recent annual and relevant interim period independent audit reports must contain positive opinions.

Existing shareholders of companies, the shares of which are listed in EMQI, may sell their existing shares in this market as of the date of listing.

Real Estate certificates, which are issued for sale to qualified investors, are traded in this market according to the Listing Directive.