BIST - KYD Indices

The KYD Indices created by the Turkish Institutional Investment Managers’ Association (KYD) has been calculated by Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. (Borsa İstanbul) under the name of BIST-KYD Indices from  07/01/2015 within the framework of the agreement signed with the KYD and Borsa İstanbul.

In order to measure daily returns of variety of financial instruments such as debt securities, gold, bank deposit, profit share and mutual funds, total of 54 indices are calculated. Indices are categorized mainly in 12 groups based on constituent financial instruments as shown below.

  • BIST-KYD GDS Indices (18 indices)
  • BIST-KYD CPI Indexed Government Bond Indices (2 indices)
  • BIST-KYD Lease Certificate Indices (4 indices)

·         BIST-KYD Government Lease Certificates USD Indices (2 indices)

  • BIST-KYD Corporate Bond Indices (4 indices)
  • BIST-KYD Government Eurobond Indices (10 indices)
  • BIST-KYD Corporate Eurobond Indices (2 indices)
  • BIST-KYD Repo Indices (2 indices)
  • BIST-KYD Gold Price Indices (2 indices)
  • BIST-KYD Fund Indices (2 indices)
  • BIST-KYD 1Month Indicative Deposit Indices (3 indices)
  • BIST-KYD 1Month Indicative Profit Share Indices (3 indices)

For detailed information about BIST-KYD Indices, click “BIST-KYD Indices Ground Rules”.

BIST-KYD Indices Committee (Committee) is established in order to do required changes in “BIST-KYD Indices Ground Rules” on the basis of monitoring calculation and maintenance of indices; creating new indices or terminating existing ones according to market needs and demands. Committee members are listed at the link below.

For the benchmark use of BIST-KYD Indices, please contact with Borsa İstanbul.

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27 December 2021
Periodic review for the BIST-KYD Corporate Eurobond Indices for the period January-March 2022 has been finalized