FIX Protocol

FIX (Financial Information eXchange) Protocol is a standard way to communicate trading information electronically between brokers, buy-side institutions, and markets. Borsa İstanbul supports the 5.0 SP2 version of the FIX Protocol standard.

Any additional hardware for FIXAPI protocol is not needed and Borsa Istanbul will not provide a software application for FIXAPI. Members are required to get FIX protocol certificate for their software or use a certified application.

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FIX Reference Data (FIX RD)

Reference Data regarding the instruments that are listed (Security Definition, Security Status, Price Limits etc.)  is available through FIX Reference Data connection.

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FIX Drop Copy (FIX DC)

Drop Copy Sessions are used to replicate the private outbound order, quotes and trade flow for one or more participants, and/or users and/or markets. 

All flows from all channels can be seen from a Drop Copy user, or, it can be filtered in userbased with the filter option.

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