Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

Borsa Istanbul, one of the leading strategic financial institutions of the Turkish financial system, continues its activities in full harmony with the system's stakeholders at both the regulatory and participant levels. Our bridge role in the financial markets deepens our stakeholders' access to the market first and ultimately contributes to the growth of our country. Offering new products and services, one of our main strategies, to feed our country's financial system and thus we act towards the creation of deep, liquid and efficient capital markets at international standards. 

Within the framework of the Istanbul Finance Center project, Borsa Istanbul continues to make important strides towards becoming a regional and global financial center. Borsa İstanbul has recently renewed its technological infrastructure and switched to a fully integrated business model, and has become an integrated marketplace in various asset classes for domestic and foreign investors. Recent actions to have been taken made Borsa Istanbul more effective in international markets. 

"Omnibus (collective) Account", which enables the use of bonds and bills issued by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance as collateral in foreign markets, the connection with Euroclear, a global clearing house, accreditation for the recognition of Clearing Istanbul care of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The recently established technical connection with the Trading Technologies platform, which provides software and infrastructure services in the field of work, data access and data analysis to international investors, and the evening session we started in the Futures and Options Market are among these actions. 

Many actions have been taken to improve the Turkish Lira financial infrastructure and to reduce the vulnerability of our national currency to external financial shocks. Turkish Banks had the opportunity to manage the interest rate risk more efficiently with the Turkish Lira Reference Interest Rate (TLREF) and the  TLREF based overnight swap that we have calculated since August 2019. In the similar manner, our domestic financial institutions gained a great advantage in managing interest and maturity risks with the putting into service of the Swap Market. 

The new products and markets offered by Borsa İstanbul are adopted by our stakeholders and these products are finding new areas of usage day by day. We act with the stakeholder-oriented service approach with the actions taking to improve our existing markets. An example of this is the new market structure for the classification of companies traded in the share market in terms of the new criteria. We ensured that the companies having similar magnitude, depth and liquidity are included in the same group. 

As one of the organized markets that increase in importance compared to over-the-counter markets with its reliable structure during stress periods, we focus on providing uninterrupted access to our products and platforms with central counterparty assurance. Our new recruitments continue to increase youth employment with our technology-driven dynamic working principle. 

Borsa İstanbul will continue to support our country's real sector and financial markets with its proactive, innovative and dynamic approach to minimize the effects of turbulences in global economies and markets.