Borsa İstanbul’s Opening Bell Rang for İşbir Sentetik

Borsa İstanbul’s Opening Bell Rang for İşbir Sentetik

Collecting the 8.5 the size of the IPO without additional sales and 7 times the size of the IPO with additional sales, İşbir Sentetik listed on Borsa İstanbul BIST Stars wtih the ticker code ISSEN. The Opening Bell Ceremony of İşbir Sentetik, which received a demand corresponding to a nominal value of 218.963.629 TL from 85.082 investors, was held in Borsa İstanbul on November 18, 2021.

In his address at the Opening Bell Ceremony, Korkmaz Ergun, the CEO of Borsa İstanbul A.Ş., stated the following:

“Distinguished guests,

Today, I welcome you all to your home, to the Opening Bell Ceremony hosted by our Exchange as we celebrate the listing of İşbir Sentetik at our Exchange.

First and foremost, I wish Allah’s mercy upon Mr. Osman, esteemed chairman of İşbir Holding, who passed away recently. I would like to offer my condolences to his relatives and employees.

İşbir Sentetik, is a leading company in its field.

However, along with its leadership, İşbir Sentetik prevails with the following characteristics:

  • Attaching importance to R&D,
  • Making progress in sustainability,
  • Producing,
  • Exporting,
  • Creating employment,
  • Investing,
  • And having profound experience.

This is our star company, starting to be traded on BIST Stars today.  The company will use its IPO revenue to expand its production area. It makes us proud when such companies are listed on our Stock Exchange.

Hence, we believe that companies should finance their growth through an IPO. Our government believes in this as well. To this end, they introduced a 2 point corporate tax deduction for companies open to the public. We have also prepared a detailed guide for non-public companies and published it on our website.

İşbir Sentetik launched an outstanding IPO with a size of 368 million TL to approximately 80 thousand investors. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who contributed to this outstanding IPO, especially the company's employees and the intermediary institution. I wish the best for Capital Markets. I wish İşbir Sentetik continued success in the capital markets.”