Workplace Health and Safety Policy

Workplace Health And Safety Policy

Borsa İstanbul is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all of its employeesin all areas of business activities.Our Workplace Health and Safety Policy aims to develop a workplace health and safety culture at Borsa İstanbul, to increase and extend awareness among employees, and to prevent occupational accidents and diseases.

Accordingly, we aim to implement a performance beyond the requirements of current legislation in order to become an exemplary company in the sector we lead. We identify potential risks regarding workplace health and safety matters in advance and we work to minimize occupational accidents and diseases and dangerous incidents.

In order to ensure that our employees become active participants in workplace health and safety matters, we provide education and awareness programs to our employees. Our practices regarding workplace health and safety are not limited to our employees. We contribute to the development of workplace health and safety awareness for our customers, supplies and related parties.