Investigation of the Company by the CMB and Borsa İstanbul Experts

Investigation of the Company by the CMB and Borsa İstanbul Experts

Following the successfully filing of all required documentation, experts from both the CMB and Borsa İstanbul pay a visit to the company’s headquarters and production facilities to perform an on-site investigation. Although there are certain differences in these investigations based on the kind of corporation and business sector, the following matters receive high emphasis in general.

  • Qualitative Investigations

    The company’s business operations, services provided, manufacturing process, ongoing or planned investment projects, raw material procurement efforts, sales, quality of its human resources, relations with its subsidiaries/partnerships, legal matters, licenses, know-how agreements, brands and patents held, company and industry insights, government licenses and other certifications, real estate holdings as well as leasing transactions, etc. are the subjects of qualitative investigations.

  • Quantitative Investigations

    The most recent and previous financial statements and their footnotes audited by the independent auditors are examined during the quantitative investigations. Furthermore, the trial balance sheet of the company, as well as its secondary books are examined, static and dynamic fiscal analyses and the analysis of the key financial ratios are performed in order to evaluate the financial well-being of the company.