Affiliations Share (%) Share(%) Including
Indirect Partnerships
BORSA İSTANBUL İstanbul Settlement and Custody Bank (Takas İstanbul) 64,18  
Central Securities Depository (Merkezi Kayıt İstanbul) 30,10 71,75
Capital Markets Licensing and Training Agency 20,00 34,27
Energy Exchange İstanbul 30,83  
Turkish Mercantile Exchange 15,00 21,80
ELİDAS Licenced Warehouse 17,33 19,98
Kyrgyz Stock Exchange 16,33  
Montenegro Stock Exchange 24,43  
Baku Stock Exchange 4,76  
Sarajevo Stock Exchange 9,89 16,70
JCR Eurasia Rating 18,50
Birleşik Mortgage Company 5,00

*Decimals are rounded.

Borsa İstanbul increased its stake in Takas İstanbul-Turkish CCP and Merkezi Kayıt İstanbul-Turkish CSD and Borsa İstanbul Exchange Group is launched, completing the vertical integration in Turkish capital markets.

Capital Markets Licensing and Training Agency, ELİDAS Licenced Warehouse and Energy Exchange İstanbul are amongst the affiliations of Borsa İstanbul.

With the purpose of developing and supporting capital markets and stock exchanges in the neighboring region, Borsa İstanbul is shareholder of Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, Montenegro Stock Exchange, Baku Stock Exchange and Sarajevo Stock Exchange and Borsa İstanbul representatives are members of Board of Directors.