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Services Offered

  • Basic Service (Hosting)
    • Half / Shared Cabinets in DC
    • 1.5 kW energy service with UPS backup
    • Cooling infrastructure fixed at a certain temperature interval, operating in redundancy
    • Smart PDU systems for the periodical monitoring and measurement of electricity consumption
    • 20 hours of Remote Hands services, for the first 3 months,
    • 1 x External connection (connection to telco providers)
    • 2 x Cross connection (between customer cabinets)
  • Market Connectivity
    • 1 GB/sec fiber and copper connections to access to Exchange’s market systems
    • 10GB/sec fiber connections to access to Exchange’s market systems
  • Additional Cabinet, Power, Connectivity
    Upon the hosting service, customers have the option to purchase additional cabinet, power and external/internal connections.
  • Other IT services  (System & Operation)
    • Remote Hands Service
    • Storage – Warehousing Services and Installation Area Usage Services
    • Site visit reservation and accompaniment services
    • Cabinet Reservation Program
    • Cabinet change service 
  • Other IT services (Application & Software)
    • Dedicated Gateway Service
    • Drop Copy Service 

Market Data
ITCH (market by order) and standard market data (market by price) are not provided within the scope of CoLocation service. To get real time/historical ITCH and/or standard market data, please contact with Exchange.