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Warrants are capital markets instruments that give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy ('call' warrant) or to sell ('put' warrant) an underlying asset at a specified price (the 'strike' price or 'exercise' price) on or before a predetermined date where such right is exercised by registered delivery or cash settlement. The holder of a warrant buys not the underlying security itself, but the right to buy or sell such underlying security, against the payment he makes.


-are securitized options;
 ▫ listed on a stock exchange and traded in the relevant market segment.
 ▫ traded in the secondary market.
 ▫ settled in the same way as other securities.
-are financial instruments of type called “structured products” are not issued for financial needs of the issuers
-are solely under the responsibility of the issuer.
-entitle the holder to buy (from) or to sell (to) the issuer an underlying security, a basket of securities, or an index, on or before a particular date, at a predetermined price, against the premium he pays.
-represent a right, and not an obligation, for the holder.

The basic principles regarding the issue, issuers, registration, and trading of warrants are regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) by its Communiqué Series III No: 37 Regarding the Registration with the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and Trading of Intermediary Institutions’ Warrants at the Stock Exchange. According to the said Communiqué, warrants are traded on Borsa İstabul.

The procedures and principles regarding the listing and trading of warrants on Borsa İstabul are stipulated by İMKB's Circular no.318, dated Jan 5, 2010.

Warrants may be traded on Borsa İstabul provided that they are supported through market making activity by their issuers or the brokerage companies contracted by the issuers. In order to provide a liquid and well-regulated market, the market maker is required to give quotations continuously.