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Volatility Based Measures System (VBTS)

 In accordance with Capital Market Board's decisions, a measures system (i.e. Volatility Based Measures System) has been commissioned in order to ensure that the shares in Borsa İstanbul Equity Market are traded in a fair and reliable manner and to protect investors from the risks arising from extreme volatility.  Within this framework, if predetermined conditions are met, the measures given below are taken in the given order.

1)        “Prohibition of Short Selling and Margin Trading” for a period of 15 days.

2)         “Gross Settlement” for a period of 15 days.

3)        “Call Auction Trading” for a period of 15 days.


If a new measure is taken while a measure is already in effect, both measures will be applied for the duration of the new measure.

The information related to the share to which the measure will be applied together with start date and duration of the measure will be announced to the public by the Exchange through Public Disclosure Platform in the same day after the market is closed.