BIST Increasing KLMSN.E 13.31 10.00 % SILVR.E 1.98 10.00 % SERVE.E 1.76 10.00 % YAPRK.E 8.17 9.96 % MAALT.E 65.15 9.96 % Decreasing RTALB.E 4.16 -9.96 % INFO.E 6.39 -9.87 % GSRAY.E 2 -9.09 % IHGZT.E 4.5 -9.09 % EGCYH.E 0.32 -8.57 % VIOP Most Change O_EKGYOE0520C1.15 % 1200,00 O_YKBNKE0620C1.90 % 140,00 O_TUPRSE0620C86.00 % 133,01 O_SAHOLE0520P10.00 % -100,00 O_KRDMDE0520P1.65 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XAUTRYM0420 722.218 F_USDTRY0420 534.885 F_XU0300420 426.740 F_YKBNK0420 193.776 F_EKGYO0420 159.286


In Borsa İstanbul Equity Market equities of companies from various sectors, preemptive rights, exchange traded funds, warrants & certificates, ownership backed lease certificates, real estate certificates, participation certificates of venture capital investment funds and real estate investment funds are traded. The Market offers a liquid, transparent and secure trading environment for both domestic and foreign investors.

Trading on the Equity Market is carried out based on price and time priority, with “continuous trading”, “continuous trading with market maker” and “single price” trading methods with a fully automated electronic trading system.

The markets where the equities of the companies offered to the public for the first time are determined at the time of the listing of the company to the Exchange. In accordance with the provisions of the Listing Directive, the equities that have been listed in the relevant Equity Market segments and started to be traded are subject to evaluation as of periods approved by the General Manager and at least twice a year in accordance with the criteria determined within the scope of this Equity Market Directive Market segment and sub segment changes are made according to the results of this evaluation. The criteria for determining market segments and sub segments are included in the Equity Market Directive and Equity Market Procedure.

Primary Market 

Primary Market is the market that brings together issuers (those who demand funds) and savers (those who supply funds). Primary Market transactions for the equities to be offered to the public through Borsa İstanbul is carried out between 10:30 - 13:00.

Wholesale Transactions 

Wholesale Market provides an organized, secure and transparent platform for the trading of equities in quantities of over a certain size, to predetermined and/or unidentified buyers.

Preemptive Rights Transactions

A new ticker for trading of the preemptive rights attached to a share of a traded company when it increases capital is opened for trade with an extension of “.R” for a specified time period when the rights can be used.