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Principles related price quotation and tick scales of the contracts are determined by the Exchange in the contract specifications.

Security Type

Quotation and Minimum Price Tick

BIST 30 Index Futures

0,025 TRY (1/1000 of index value)

BIST Bank Index Futures

0,025 TRY (1/1000 of index value)

BIST Industrial Index Futures

0,025 TRY (1/1000 of index value)

BIST 30 Index Options

0,01 TRY (1/1000 of index value)

Single Stock Futures

0,01 TRY (per underlying share)

Single Stock Options

0,01 TRY (per underlying share)

USDTRY Futures

0,0001 TRY (per USD)

EURTRY Futures

0,0001 TRY (per EUR)

EUR/USD Currency Futures

0,0001 USD (per EUR)

USDTRY Options 

0,1 TRY (per 1000 USD)

Ruble/TRY Futures

0,00001 TRY (per Ruble)

Yuan/ TRY Futures

0,0001 TRY (per Yuan)

GBP/USD Currency Futures

0,0001 USD (per GBP)

Gold Futures

0,01 TRY (per gram)

USD/Ounce Gold Futures

0,05 USD (per ounce)

Aegean Cotton Futures

0,005 TRY (per kg)

Anatolian Red Wheat Futures

0,0005 TRY (per kg)

Durum Wheat Futures

0,0005 TRY (per kg)

Base-Load Electricity Futures

0,10 TRY (per 1MWh electricity)

SASX 10 Index Futures

0,25 TRY (Index Value)

Steel Scrap Futures

0,01 USD (per metric ton)

Monthly Overnight Repo Futures


Quarterly Overnight Repo Futures