BIST Increasing GARFA.E 5.88 20.00 % RYGYO.E 7.57 19.97 % ISGSY.E 4.87 19.95 % RYSAS.E 8.85 19.92 % HUBVC.E 29.74 17.18 % Decreasing DAGHL.E 4.67 -14.94 % ALYAG.E 0.55 -9.84 % BALAT.E 2.68 -9.76 % BNTAS.E 3.49 -8.64 % BMELK.E 1.58 -7.60 % VIOP Most Change O_USDTRYKE0120C6150 % 1900,00 O_USDTRYKE0120C6100 % 700,00 O_AKBNKE1220P11.80 % -100,00 O_AKBNKE1220P11.80 % -100,00 O_AKBNKE1220P11.80 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XAUTRYM0220 571.197 F_XU0300220 509.543 F_USDTRY0220 374.287 F_KRDMD0120 357.826 F_TSKB0120 357.614


Repo-Reverse Repo Market is one of the leading organized repo markets of the world. With the inception of the operations of the market, a low-risk and low-cost environment was established for repo transactions. Banks can realize repo-reverse repo transactions in this market without having to meet the reserve requirement of the Central Bank. 

Securities which are held as collateral in sufficient amounts at the starting value date of the transaction are kept in custody in the name of the party executing the reverse repo until the ending value date of the transaction. A daily re-appraisal is conducted on such securities according to the conditions of the market and if any depreciation is determined, additional collateral is sought. Settlement transactions on the ending value date are realized automatically.

All the above mentioned services are provided by Borsa İstanbul, and such securities are kept in custody by İstanbul Settlement and Custody Bank Inc.