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Foreign Debt Securities (“Eurobonds”) issued by the Turkish Undersecretariat of Treasury and listed by Borsa İstanbul are traded in Internatioanal Bonds Market.

Trading in the International Bonds Market is conducted electronically via the “multiple price - continuous auction” system. Orders in the same currency are matched and trading orders are transmitted in the currency of issue of the security over a price base of 100 units. On the market, future value dated transactions can be conducted up to no less than 1 business day and no more than 15 calender days.

Trade reporting is available for members that enable them to execute a transaction by determining the counterparty of the transaction. Members are able to execute their orders and report them to Borsa İstanbul through trade reports within the price and quantity limits set for that particular instrument by Borsa İstanbul regulations, without entering orders in the order book. It is possible to send cleared and non-cleared trade reports, in International Bonds Market.