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Announcement regarding Borsa İstanbul FX Swap Market

28 March 2019 - 11:42

Under the New Economic Program, core strategy of Borsa Istanbul is to develop deep and liquid markets which enable our institutions to efficiently hedge their financial risks. At the same time, G20 Pittsburgh initiative supports OTC derivatives moving towards organized markets with CCP servicing. Borsa Istanbul FX Swap market was established in October 2018 with the above mentioned goals and has successfully achieved $40 billion volume since its inception.

In recent days, it has been observed that abnormal trading conditions in offshore markets have led to certain pricing which does not at all reflect Turkish market fundamentals. During the same period, Borsa Istanbul swap and money markets have continued trading in a healthy manner. Increasing links between local and offshore markets should contribute to efficient functioning of all markets. Borsa Istanbul is actively talking to our foreign-owned bank members and non-member foreign market players to establish these links and increase participation in our market.

In line with our mission, at Borsa Istanbul we are continuously working to develop and maintain deep, liquid and efficient international markets for Turkish Lira instruments.


Borsa Istanbul Exchange Group

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