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Two New Investments on Borsa İstanbul Private Market

30 December 2015 - 16:34

Sinemia and Hidrotürbin were the first Start-Ups of Borsa İstanbul Private Market to receive funds while the first investors were Aslanoba Capital, chaired by Hasan Aslanoba and Oltaç Ünsal, founder of TEB Private Investor Club.

The signing ceremony and opening-bell ceremony on the occasion of raising finance by two Borsa İstanbul Private Market-member Start-Ups from Borsa İstanbul Private Market investors, marking the first time that Start-Ups receive funds on Borsa İstanbul Private Market, and also the first time that an angel investment is made, was held with the participation of Borsa İstanbul CEO Tuncay Dinç.

At the opening-bell ceremony held at Borsa İstanbul, signatures were made for the investments realized on Borsa İstanbul Private Market, with TEB Private Investor Club founder Individual Participation Investor Oltaç Ünsal participating in Hidrotürbin Teknoloji Enerji Şirketi, and Aslanoba Capital participating in Brandia, known for Sinemia brand.

In his speech at the ceremony, Borsa İstanbul Executive Vice President Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz said, "Thanks to the support of our stakeholders, the number of our investors and companies has reached 270. Our target for 2016 is to double this figure. During its first year, Borsa İstanbul Private Market has secured capital for three companies without going public, and offered alternative financing methods for entrepreneurs to raise funds. In addition to the two contracts signed here today, 6-7 negotiations are in progress for investors and companies on the Private Market. As these negotiations are finalized, I do hope that we will organize ceremonies for new investments in the first quarter of the New Year”.

Smyrna Capital Chairman Oltaç Ünsal, founder of TEB Private Investor Club initiated by TEB Private Banking, expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneur for realizing a product such as Hidrotürbin, which will contribute highly to both the environment and the country, and for making him a part of this.

Aslanoba Capital Founding Partner Cankut Durgun said, “This will be our second contract with Borsa İstanbul. It is our great pleasure to have completed Sinemia with the support of Borsa İstanbul Private Market at the close of the year. We believe that thanks to the membership model it introduced to theatres, Sinemia is a company of high potential. We do know that on the side of Borsa İstanbul, it is an investment to focus on the Private Market in addition to large companies. We thank Borsa İstanbul for this investment and for its support to the sector”.

Hidrotürbin Chairman Doğuşhan Kara indicated that the future of countries is in the hands of entrepreneurs, adding, “However, the competitive environment and technological developments force entrepreneurs to re-position themselves. Borsa İstanbul Private Market has seen its roles as a bridge to allow companies like us to reach their targets faster and finally to play a role in the country’s development, helping these investments to be realized”.

Brandia Bilişim Chairman Rıfat Oğuz
said, "We would like to thank Borsa İstanbul Private Market to open this gate to us and for offering these opportunities. Thanks to the artificial intelligence system we developed at Sinemia, we merged some location-based technologies with banking infrastructure for the first time. We established a system covering all theatres in Turkey. We aim to grow in Turkey and in Europe in the first quarter of 2016”.