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Second International Islamic Finance and Economics Conference, held in cooperation between Borsa İstanbul and Marmara University Faculty of Theology on November 19 at The Marmara Hotel, Taksim.

The first panel of the conference; “The Process of Fatwa and Supervision in Islamic Financial Institutions” was followed by subsequent panels “Basic Concepts and Institutions of Islamic Economics” and “The Applications of Islamic Finance throughout the World”. Speakers from Malaysia, Gulf Countries and Turkey discussed various dimensions of Islamic Finance and Economics.

Fundamental concepts of Islamic Finance and Economics evaluated during the conference shedding light on historical roots and current reflections. Islamic finance cases in Turkey, Malaysia, Gulf and West reviewed in detail. The conference brought together distinguished academicians, practitioners and policy makers.

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Conference Program (pdf)


Global Communication Partner

Organizing Committee:

» Mustafa Kemal Yılmaz (Borsa İstanbul)
» Murat Mazıbaş (Borsa İstanbul)
» H. Evren Arık (Borsa İstanbul)
» Şule Utku Sütcü (Borsa İstanbul)
» Fatma Nurcan Yıldıztaş (Borsa İstanbul)
» Hasan Hacak (Marmara University)
» Tahsin Özcan (Marmara University)
» Ertuğrul Boynukalın (Marmara University)
» İsmail Cebeci (Marmara University)
» İsmail Eriş (Marmara University)