BIST Increasing IDGYO.E 3.28 19.71 % SANKO.E 2.72 16.74 % FRIGO.E 8.45 14.50 % BURVA.E 2.52 13.51 % SANFM.E 2.06 11.96 % Decreasing ETILR.E 2.91 -8.78 % OSMEN.E 1.47 -8.70 % EMKEL.E 1 -7.41 % EGCYO.E 0.13 -7.14 % PKART.E 3.33 -6.98 % VIOP Most Change O_VAKBNE0919C5.50 % 400,00 O_AKBNKE0919C8.20 % 250,00 O_AKBNKE0919C8.00 % 233,33 O_ARCLKE0819P16.80 % 150,00 O_ARCLKE1019C16.60 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_USDTRY0819 1.065.649 F_USDTRY1019 464.737 F_XU0300819 435.959 F_USDTRY1219 418.450 F_XAUTRYM0819 347.370


There are two markets for trading equities on the Borsa İstanbul namely, the Equity Market and the Emerging Companies Market (ECM).  Companies that fulfill the listing requirements or relevant market criteria determined by Borsa İstanbul can be traded on the Equity Market. The securities of companies that do not meet the listing requirements of Borsa İstanbul, but promise a development and growth potential can be traded on the ECM.

To be eligible for being traded on Borsa İstanbul markets, the equities which have been registered with the CMB and offered to public should be listed on or registered with Borsa İstanbul or admitted to the ECM Directory.

Borsa İstanbul listing/registration and admission to ECM Directory allows equities offered to public to be traded on the first and the only equity exchange of Turkey.
Trading on the equity exchange is the purchase and sales of equities by investors on secondary markets.  Being traded  on the equity exchange provides liquidity for company shares, and creates long-term and inexpensive financing opportunities for the companies. The listing or admission to ECM Directory of equities on the equity exchange provides companies with creditworthiness, institutionalization, recognition, and improves integration of the company with national and international markets.  
Listing (listing on Borsa İstanbul) is the acceptance of registration with the respective market of the equities which are requested to be continually traded on the securities exchanges provided that they meet the respective terms (listing criteria).

Initial listing is the first-time listing of a equity on the equity exchange.  Additional listing means the listing of newly issued equities due to capital increase of a company whose equities have already been listed.


Equities representing partnership rights, bills-bonds granting creditor rights and Other Capital Market Instruments which are considered as securities by CMB can be listed and traded on Borsa İstanbul.

Listing Fee Schedule
Borsa İstanbul Fee Schedule