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Effective from the beginning of 2009, Borsa İstanbul started to compute City Indices in order to monitor the price and return performances of those companies which have their main production premises or registered offices in the same city.

City Indices have been computed on a real-time basis since February 16, 2009, based on the closing value of BIST 100 Index on December 31, 2008, i.e. 26,864.07.

City Indices are calculated for cities with minimum 5 companies whose equities are traded on Borsa İstanbul. Currently calculated city indices  are Adana (XSADA), Ankara (XSANK), Antalya (XSANT), Balıkesir (XSBAL), Bursa (XSBUR), Denizli (XSDNZ), İstanbul (XSIST), İzmir (XSIZM), Kayseri (XSKAY), Kocaeli (XSKOC), Konya (XSKON) and Tekirdağ (XSTKR).

City Indices will be calculated for other cities when the number of traded companies of a city reaches 5. The purpose is to ensure that city indices which reflect the equity performance of the companies in the city will be used as an underlying for the creation of a variety of new financial products including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and thereby allow investors to invest in a city through ETFs.

Scope of the city indices

With respect to manufacturing companies, the city where minimum 50% of the production takes place is taken into account. In the case of service companies, on the other hand, (except communication and construction companies and holdings), the city where minimum 50% of the operating income is derived is taken into account. Unless minimum 50% of the production or operating income is realized/derived in a single city, then the city where the registered office is located is taken into account.

For communication companies, construction companies and holdings, the city where the registered office is located is taken into account.

Banks, insurance companies, financial leasing companies, factoring companies, investment trusts, real estate investment trusts, venture capital investment trusts, brokerage houses and companies operating in the retail sector are not included in the city indices.


For the equities of a company to be included in the city indices, the scope of the city indices should cover the activities of the company and there should be an index being calculated for the city in which the company is covered.

Please click for City Indices constituents.