BIST Increasing OYAYO.E 2.94 14.84 % SONME.E 7.2 14.47 % BRYAT.E 68.25 12.35 % ALGYO.E 19.74 11.78 % SNPAM.E 7.96 11.48 % Decreasing GYHOL.E 22 -8.33 % YBTAS.E 5379.9 -7.08 % BJKAS.E 2.73 -6.51 % GSRAY.E 3.85 -6.10 % COSMO.E 2.2 -5.98 % VIOP Most Change O_USDTRYKE0220P5950 % 2700,00 O_XU030E0220P132.000 % 300,00 O_XU030E0220P134.000 % 140,74 O_THYAOE0220P13.60 % 131,82 O_THYAOE0320P16.20 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XAUTRYM0220 567.837 F_XAUTRYM0420 400.134 F_USDTRY0220 308.093 F_EKGYO0320 304.511 F_TSKB0320 292.833

BIST Liquid Banks Index

BIST Liquid Banks Index consists of the stocks of banks traded on Stars Market Group 1 with the highest Average FFMV and Daily Average Traded Value. The minimum number of stocks to be constituted in the index is 6.

BIST Liquid Banks Index is calculated with a capping ratio of 25% and a weight threshold of 30%. At the start of the each index term and whenever there is a change in the scope of the index, the weights of constituent stocks are checked and if there are stocks whose weights are greater than 25%, the weights are decreased to the 25% via weighting factor. In addition, at the end of each trading day after all index operations are performed, the weights of the stocks within the scope of the index are checked, if there is a stock whose weight exceeds the 30%, the weight of this stock is decreased to 25 % ratio via weighting factor.

There are 4 index terms for BIST Liquid Banks Index which are January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December. The periodical constituent changes in the indices are announced at least 10 days before the day changes become effective.

Detailed information is available in BIST Stock Indices Ground Rules.