BIST Increasing ISKUR.E 148841.4 35.06 % POLTK.E 54.1 15.60 % FONET.E 6.66 11.00 % UTPYA.E 2.96 8.82 % SERVE.E 3.2 6.67 % Decreasing ROYAL.E 0.99 -19.51 % AVOD.E 1.65 -16.67 % HLGYO.E 0.95 -16.67 % KPHOL.E 1.63 -14.21 % MEMSA.E 0.2 -13.04 % VIOP Most Change O_SISEE0719P5.00 % -100,00 O_SISEE0719P5.00 % -100,00 O_SISEE0719P5.00 % -100,00 O_SISEE0719P5.00 % -100,00 O_SISEE0719P5.00 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_USDTRY0619 1.292.004 F_USDTRY0819 909.949 F_USDTRY1019 461.365 F_USDTRY1219 428.598 F_XAUTRYM0619 424.529


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