BIST Increasing KLMSN.E 13.31 10.00 % SILVR.E 1.98 10.00 % SERVE.E 1.76 10.00 % YAPRK.E 8.17 9.96 % MAALT.E 65.15 9.96 % Decreasing RTALB.E 4.16 -9.96 % INFO.E 6.39 -9.87 % GSRAY.E 2 -9.09 % IHGZT.E 4.5 -9.09 % EGCYH.E 0.32 -8.57 % VIOP Most Change O_EKGYOE0520C1.15 % 1200,00 O_YKBNKE0620C1.90 % 140,00 O_TUPRSE0620C86.00 % 133,01 O_SAHOLE0520P10.00 % -100,00 O_KRDMDE0520P1.65 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XAUTRYM0420 722.218 F_USDTRY0420 534.885 F_XU0300420 426.740 F_YKBNK0420 193.776 F_EKGYO0420 159.286


Without prejudice to the provisions of relevant regulations of CMB, in listing of capital market instruments, also including depository certificates, issued or to be issued by foreign institutions in Turkey or foreign country, and of capital market instruments issued abroad by domestic institutions, the listing requirements specified in the relevant articles of Listing Directive are required.

In the case of listing of share of foreign corporations by dual listing without public offering, the values current in the relevant Exchange as of the date of decision are taken into consideration for the ratio of shares offered to public to the paid or issued capital and for the market value of shares offered to public as mentioned before in Listing Directive.

As a fast track listing, capital market instruments traded in main markets of foreign exchanges which is determined by our Exchange may unconditionally be listed and traded providing that the prospectus or issue document is approved by CMB.

The Board of our Exchange may impose additional requirements or may decide not to apply some certain requirements according to the rights and circulation restrictions of capital market instruments, also including depository certificates, or according to the legal regulations of the countries where they are issued.

For debt securities issued by foreign corporations in the form of international organizations of which the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Central Bank of the Republic are members or partners, or by foreign states or by local administrations, the Board of our Exchange may decide not to ask for all or some of the requirements specified in Listing Directive.