BIST Increasing MAALT.E 79.75 10.00 % BAYRK.E 3.96 10.00 % LUKSK.E 13.53 10.00 % KARTN.E 493.5 9.98 % RTALB.E 18.73 9.98 % Decreasing YONGA.E 24.38 -9.97 % TSPOR.E 4.49 -9.84 % ISATR.E 325000.9 -9.73 % SRVGY.E 17.02 -8.45 % EUHOL.E 1.73 -5.46 % VIOP Most Change O_XU030E0620P114.000 % 266,67 O_ISCTRE1220P7.60 % -100,00 O_ISCTRE1220P7.60 % -100,00 O_ISCTRE1220P7.60 % -100,00 O_ISCTRE1220P7.60 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XAUTRYM0620 1.228.194 F_USDTRY0620 509.265 F_EKGYO0620 508.770 F_XU0300620 495.438 F_GARAN0620 370.646


The Market Advisor refers to a company authorized by the Exchange to perform market advisory role, and fulfills following duties.

  • To assist the company in completing the necessary preparations for the listing application and to approve, along with the company, the accuracy of the information and documents submitted to the Exchange and communicated to the public at the time of the application,

  • Preparation and approval of the market advisory report and the Approval and Compliance Statement for the company,

  • Assisting the company to comply with CMB and Exchange regulations after the start of trading.

The Market Advisor signs the Approval and Compliance Statement, composed by the Exchange, together with the representatives of the company, if it considers that it would be appropriate for the company shares to be traded on ECM as a result of the examinations and evaluations carried out.

The Market Advisory Report prepared by the Market Adviser is attached to the Approval and Compliance Statement, stating that the listing of the shares is appropriate for ECM listing. The Market Adviser can not present evaluations that are not based on the information and documents attached to the report.