BIST Increasing ISATR.E 172797.6 20.00 % ISBTR.E 22775 20.00 % KLNMA.E 15.88 19.94 % COSMO.E 1.3 18.18 % YBTAS.E 2650 17.78 % Decreasing DENGE.E 1.76 -16.19 % RODRG.E 2.29 -13.91 % IDEAS.E 23.38 -6.48 % KUYAS.E 1.33 -5.00 % MEMSA.E 0.2 -4.76 % VIOP Most Change O_XU030E0419P116.000 % 165,71 O_XU030E0419P118.000 % 123,38 O_KRDMDE0419P2.38 % -100,00 O_KRDMDE0419P2.38 % -100,00 O_KRDMDE0419P2.38 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_USDTRY0419 1.493.207 F_USDTRY0619 1.143.324 F_USDTRY0819 692.163 F_XU0300419 407.889 F_XAUTRYM0419 255.787


Intermediation Fee

According to type of given service and size of public offering, companies pay brokerage commission to an intermediary institution. Commission can be negotiated between the company and the intermediary firm.

CMB Registration Fee

Companies deposit 0.02 per cent over the issuance value of the shares, not to be lower than nominal value to the CMB account prior to approval of prospectus by CMB. However, for initial listings CMB registration fee is applied as 0.01 per cent of the difference between nominal value and the share price. Again during initial offering, 0.01 per cent fee is calculated over the nominal value of unsold shares of company.

Borsa İstanbul Fee

Application for ECM is TRY 2,500. Application fee is refunded through set-off from the first annual listing fee. If the application fee is more than first annual listing fee, residual amount will not be refunded. For companies whose registered offices are located abroad, application fee is charged at 50% discount. Listing Fee Tariffs can be obtained from the link.

Central Registry Agency (MKK) Fee

Membership entrance fees, issuance, safekeeping, issuer services, corporate actions services, cash payment services fees and upper/lower limits are applied at a 1/10 rate for companies whose shares are traded on ECM. Fee Tariffs can be obtained from the link.

Independent Audit Fee

Companies pay certain fees negotiable between the contracted audit firm for independent audit reports required by listing regulations.

Market Advisor Fee

In addition to intermediary fee, companies may also pay a fee to the contracted market advisor, which is set between parties.

Legal Counsel Fee

Companies also pay a fee to their selected legal counsels for the documents that is required to be prepared about the legal status of the company for ECM application.

Other Expected Fees

Companies may also incur expenses of possible PR, marketing excluding listing fees above.