BIST Increasing MRDIN.E 4.6 19.79 % YBTAS.E 2930 19.78 % SANKO.E 3.04 12.18 % HUBVC.E 5.5 11.79 % ADBGR.E 4.43 11.59 % Decreasing ORMA.E 3.65 -18.89 % BOYP.E 15.84 -12.29 % PKENT.E 103.3 -11.71 % NIBAS.E 8 -11.11 % TSPOR.E 1.29 -9.79 % VIOP Most Change O_XU030E1019C132.000 % 366,67 O_XU030E1019P112.000 % 169,57 O_XU030E1019P114.000 % 116,05 O_AKBNKE1219C9.90 % -100,00 O_AKBNKE1219C9.90 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_USDTRY1019 636.971 F_XAUTRYM1019 547.741 F_USDTRY1219 452.441 F_XU0301019 403.399 F_DOHOL1019 147.645


Shares of investment trusts are traded on Collective and Structured Products Market. The following requirements are asked for in listing of shares issued by investment trusts:

a) Articles of association of company should not contain provisions restricting the transfer and circulation of shares to be traded in our Exchange or precluding the shareholders from using their rights;

b) Companies should not be subject to significant legal disputes affecting its production and other activities, and this has to be documented by a legal report issued by a lawyer not having any direct or indirect relationship with the company that the legal situation of the company in terms of its establishment and business operations and the legal situation of its shares are in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

  In the case of changes in operation types of an investment trust the shares of which are traded in the Exchange, by considering the post-change operations of the company, the situation of the company in terms of listing requirements will be considered and the market will be determined by the Board of Directors.