BIST Increasing GARFA.E 5.88 20.00 % RYGYO.E 7.57 19.97 % ISGSY.E 4.87 19.95 % RYSAS.E 8.85 19.92 % HUBVC.E 29.74 17.18 % Decreasing DAGHL.E 4.67 -14.94 % ALYAG.E 0.55 -9.84 % BALAT.E 2.68 -9.76 % BNTAS.E 3.49 -8.64 % BMELK.E 1.58 -7.60 % VIOP Most Change O_XU030E0220C164.000 % 900,00 O_USDTRYKE0120C6100 % 400,00 O_KRDMDE0220C3.00 % 125,00 O_TTKOME1220P8.90 % -100,00 O_TTKOME1220P8.90 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XAUTRYM0220 548.541 F_XU0300220 492.499 F_USDTRY0220 379.942 F_KRDMD0120 362.623 F_TSKB0220 299.111


The Pre-Market Trading Platform (PMTP) is established for public companies that are not listed on Borsa İstanbul, in order to provide a platform where their shares can be traded.

Public companies aiming for an application to be traded on the Platform should first make the necessary amendments to the articles of in company before the application to be made to the Exchange if it contains statements restricting the transfer and free use of shareholders' rights.

Companies apply to CMB for approval of the prospectus prepared in accordance with the relevant regulations. At the same time, applicant company has to complete its membership procedures to PDP and CRA. The company announces on PDP its articles of in company, CMB approved prospectus and its completion of membership procedures at CRA.

In order for the shares of the company to start being traded on PMTP at least

  • 15% of the capital (for companies having paid-in capital up to 10 million TL)
  • 5% of the capital (for companies having paid-in capital above 10 million TL)
  • 3% of the capital (for companies having paid-in capital above 100 million TL)
must be registered as tradable on the Exchange at CRA.

After the completion of the dematerialization procedures at CRA, the company shares starts trading on the Platform on second working day following the announcement to be made by the Exchange on PDP without a need for a decision from the Exchange Board.