BIST Increasing KPHOL.E 2.4 20.00 % PEKGY.E 8.2 14.21 % MZHLD.E 9.41 12.83 % ANELT.E 0.51 10.87 % EPLAS.E 8.76 8.82 % Decreasing KIPA.E 3.24 -15.18 % ETILR.E 3.6 -14.08 % METAL.E 1.46 -11.52 % BEYAZ.E 45 -9.82 % ATLAS.E 1.2 -7.69 % VIOP Most Change O_EKGYOE0618C2.70 % 800,00 O_THYAOE0418C19.00 % 113,33 O_SISEE1218C6.10 % -100,00 O_SISEE1218C6.10 % -100,00 O_SISEE1218C6.10 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XU0300418 336.031 F_USDTRY0418 309.499 F_VAKBN0418 140.734 F_EKGYO0418 128.729 F_KRDMD0418 100.082
Borsa İstanbul CoLocation Service

Borsa İstanbul CoLocation service enables its clients to place their equipments at Borsa İstanbul Data Center in which the Exchange’s market systems are also located. Thereby clients have the opportunity to access the market systems in a faster and more reliable manner.

With its CoLocation service Borsa İstanbul aims to reach variety of market participants including Members, HFT/Algo firms, Service providers that are seeking the highest possible access speed.

Why CoLocation?

  • Fastest Access to Exchange’s Systems

Under normal conditions,  estimated roundtrip latency  (software+network) provided under CoLocation is;

For Equity Market < 1 millisecond
For Derivatives Market < 1,2 millisecond

  • Fairness

Borsa İstanbul provides same cabling length from each cabinet to the trading system within its CoLocation service.


  • Risk Mitigation

With its state of art Data Center, Borsa İstanbul offers the most secure and advanced solution to its customers.

With its state of art Data Center Borsa İstanbul offers the most secure and advanced solution to its customers. All components (connections, energy, cooling systems) are provided redundantly. Upon demand on-site support is granted by well-trained Borsa staff.

  • Other
Borsa İstanbul provides the appropriate infrastructure for HFT/Algorithmic trading.