BIST VIOP Most Change O_PGSUSE0117C16.00S0 % 1350,00 O_PGSUSE0117C16.50S0 % 800,00 O_PGSUSE0117C15.50S0 % 550,00 O_PGSUSE0217C17.50S0 % 400,00 O_PGSUSE0217C18.00S0 % 400,00 Highest Open Position F_XU0300217S0 414.944 F_TRYUSD0217S0 299.714 F_KRDMD0217S0 141.941 F_TRYUSD0117S0 75.730 O_TRYUSDKE0217C4000S0 51.425


Regulation on Principles of Foundation, Activities, Operations and Audit of Stock Exchanges and Market Operators
Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Regulation on Principles Relating Stock Exchange Activities
Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. Regulation on Principles of Exchange Activities Relating to Precious Metals and Precious Stones
İMKB Stock Market Regulation (Repealed)
İMKB Bonds and Bills Market Regulation
İMKB Listing Regulation (Repealed)
İMKB Emerging Companies Market Regulation (Repealed)
İMKB Circular on Warrants
İMKB Circular on Up-Tick Rule (01.18.2013)(No: 417)
Circular on VIOP Market Operations
Circular on VIOP Corporate Actions Adjustments
Principles of the Market Making Program based on Revenue Sharing in Derivatives Market