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In Debt Securities Market, in order to enable the members to perform selling transactions with the commitment of repurchasing and buying transactions with the commitment of reselling by determing the counterparty they prefer to trade, Negotiated Repo Deals Market went into operation.

In the market, members can carry out same day starting value date repo and reverse repo transactions for their own portfolio accounts or customer accounts.  Transactions with future starting value date, transactions on behalf of their investment funds and investment trusts and cross trades (when the member codes of repo side member and reverse repo side member are identical) are not allowed in the market.

All members authorized to trade in Repo - Reverse Repo Market are authorized to trade in Negotiated Repo Deals Market.

Order Rules

Advertisement Order:

Advertisement Order is the type of order that members who want to trade announce their preferences to all other members by specifying the repo rate, nominal value, the capital market instrument group prefered to be traded and starting and future value dates.

Advertisement orders do not match automatically, trades are carried out through negotiated deals screen.

Negotiated Order:

Negotiated Order is the type of order which is placed by specifying repo rate, nominal value, the capital market instrument group prefered to be traded, starting and future value dates and the counterparty information and executed with the confirmation of the counterparty. The counterparty confirmation is given for the whole order, there is no partial execution.

Order Change and Cancellation:

Advertisement Orders may be changed or canceled at any time on request. Negotiated orders may be changed or canceled only before the approval of the counterparty.

Order Tick:

The rate tick applicable to orders conveyed to the market is 0,01%.

Order Validity Periods

Advertisement orders and negotiated orders are valid until 14:00 for the day on which they are given.

Order Sizes

The size of orders transmitted into the market are at least TL 500,000 and its multiples, the maximum order size is TL 100,000,000.