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Borsa İstanbul offers the opportunity to invest in various products in an organized, transparent and reliable trading environment to local and international investors with its modern technological capabilities. On all markets of Borsa İstanbul, transactions are conducted electronically, and market information is disseminated on a real-time basis.   

Borsa İstanbul markets are organized under four main categories:

1. Equity Market

Borsa İstanbul Equity Market, where publicly-held companies from various sectors are traded offers a liquid, transparent and safe investment platform for local and foreign investors.

2. Debt Securities Market

The Debt Securities Market is the only organized market for both fixed income securities trading and repo-reverse repo transactions.  

3. Derivatives Market (VIOP)

Currently, Single Stock Futures and Options, Index Futures and Options, Currency Futures and Options, Precious Metals, Commodity and Energy Futures are traded at VIOP.

4. Precious Metals and Diamond Markets