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Borsa İstanbul’s Bell rings for Enerjisa

08 February 2018 - 14:16

Enerjisa Enerji, Turkey’s leading company in electricity distribution and retail business, started being traded on Borsa İstanbul on February 8, 2018. With the initial public offering (IPO), Enerjisa Enerji sold 20% of its shares, attracting great interest from both domestic and international investors. Enerjisa Enerji will be traded with the ticker code ENJSA.

The initial public offering of Turkey’s leading energy company, Enerjisa Enerji, was completed with a historical record. Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak, Borsa İstanbul Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee Himmet Karadağ, Borsa İstanbul CEO, Member of the Board and the Executive Committee Murat Çetinkaya, Sabancı Holding Chairman Güler Sabancı, E.ON CEO Johannes Teyssen, Sabancı Holding CEO Mehmet Göçmen, Enerjisa Vice Chairman Keith Plowman and Enerjisa CEO Kıvanç Zaimler participated in the opening-bell ceremony organized at Borsa İstanbul on the occasion of Enerjisa Enerji’s IPO. Ak Yatırım was the consortium leader in the IPO, selling 20% of the company capital. Following the opening-bell ceremony, Enerjisa Enerji started being traded with the ticker code ENJSA.

Turkey’s largest private sector IPO

The IPO attracted the interest of large foreign and domestic investors including global investment companies such as Blackrock, Fidelity Management & Research, and Moon Capital. The demand for the IPO was 4.8 fold. In the IPO of Enerjisa’s shareholders E.ON and Sabancı Holding, where each sold 20% of their shares, the company’s market capitalization was realized at TL 7 billion 380 million. With this market capitalization, Enerjisa Enerji broke a record as the largest private sector IPO in TL terms.