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Private Market meets Entrepreneurs at e –Tohum Startup İstanbul

01 October 2014 - 12:20

Borsa İstanbul briefed the audience on the Private Market, aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs and investors for long-term partnerships and thereby provide the finance and liquidity they need, at e – Tohum (e-Seed) Startup İstanbul Conference

Private Market, Borsa İstanbul’s new platform and a first in Turkey, has started receiving applications for membership.  Private Market was promoted to entrepreneurs at e – Tohum (e-Seed) Startup İstanbul Conference at Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center on September 30, 2014.

Sertaç Fuad Karaağaoğlu: “Private Market provides a solid platform as it offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to come together with qualified and angel investors”

Borsa İstanbul Listing, Index and Data Business Group Director Sertaç Fuad Karaağaoğlu said in his presentation that the Private Market is a digital platform for qualified investors, angel investors and entrepreneurs, and went on to say, “Private Market operates on digital membership basis. Members include companies seeking capital, stakeholders seeking liquidity, angel investors looking for investment opportunities, or consultancy companies such as brokerage houses. The important point here is that a company must have a history of 6 months to 5 years. In the Private Market, information flow and the whole process will be under the control of the entrepreneur. Also, Borsa İstanbul will oversee the whole process, showing the importance we attach to confidentiality of the information. You can apply to the Private Market through the Internet, and you can create a company profile by providing all the information requested for the enterprise or company. This is followed by a three-phase process. At the first phase, a research is made on the enterprise, seeking appropriate investment opportunities. Then, investors are matched with the enterprise. At the final phase, the entrepreneur and investor come together in a digital environment and reach an agreement. Thanks to the fully secure chatroom facility offered in addition to the profile, the Private Market offers a solid platform for entrepreneurs to meet qualified investors or angel investors”.

Start-ups and Rising Companies to have Direct Access to Angel Investors

Private Market is a web-based and membership-based platform that brings together companies and investors in order to provide trading of company shares without going public, and offers the opportunity to have access to finance without going public for companies, liquidity for company partners intending to sell their shares, and new investment opportunities and liquidity for investors

Thanks to this marketplace, both early-stage Start-ups and Rising Companies that have already covered some distance will have direct access to qualified or angel investors. Service Providers and Brokerages that will offer legal and financial consultancy during the partnership and trading process and other similar services will be operating in the Private Market. All services of the Private Market will be provided through a single platform.

Free membership with the Private Market is available until October 31, 2014.