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With The Primary Data Center And Datawall, Borsa İstanbul Attains The Latest Technology

03 April 2014 - 17:42

In the process of improving its technological infrastructure toward the aim of becoming a regional power, Borsa İstanbul attains a technology comparable to that of world exchanges, thanks to the Primary Data Center and Data Wall of the most advanced technology.

Borsa İstanbul, a key institution in making İstanbul an international financial center as part of Turkey’s 2023 vision, Borsa İstanbul launches the Primary Data Center and Data Wall with a view to attain a technology that is comparable to that of the world exchanges. Borsa İstanbul Chairman & CEO visited the Primary Data Center and the Data Wall with journalists and gave information about them.

Dr. İbrahim M. Turhan: “We now attain an infrastructure comparable to that of the world exchanges”

Borsa İstanbul Chairman & CEO Dr. İbrahim M. Turhan
gave information about the Primary Data Center and the Data Wall to the members of the media. Stating that they accelerated their efforts on the infrastructure in order to attain a technology that is comparable to that of the world exchanges, and now harvest the fruits of those efforts, Turhan added that with the Primary Data Center and the Data Wall, they aim to prevent any technical breakdowns that Borsa İstanbul has recently faced.

Stating that the image of a stock exchange in Turkey is that of one dating back to the 1990’s, Turhan said, “The screens in the world exchanges are not only more attractive, but also offer investors information of more analytical nature. With this step, we also reach this stage. We offer investors a brand new data wall in our Trading Floor, and transiting from classical analogue technology to digital. This Data Wall consists of 36 screens of 55 inches each.”

Turhan said that they will apply two basic scenarios through that screen, explaining that the data produced by Borsa İstanbul will be reflected in various figures and charts, in addition to the data of the world’s leading exchanges and financial centers.

Dr. Turhan stated that Borsa İstanbul will soon initiate renovation efforts in the Trading Floor, and that they are planning to complete such efforts before autumn, adding, “Following the renovation, the Trading Floor will become comparable to those in the world’s leading exchanges such as New York, Frankfurt and London”.

Turkey’s Highest Standard Data Center

Turhan gave information about the Primary Data Center, emphasizing the importance of technological infrastructure in making Borsa İstanbul an international financial center. Turhan also touched upon the importance of physical conditions for technological infrastructure, adding that Borsa İstanbul has reached international standards in this respect.

Turhan said that Borsa İstanbul Primary Data Center is the one with the highest standards in Turkey in terms of technological security, adding, “The Center lies in a total area of 1,500 square meters. 600 square meters of this area is called “White Space”, where the servers are located. This 600 square meter hall is reinforced against natural disasters. All cables are separated. It is protected against fire with a special wall that is resistant to fire for one hour. Furthermore, the fire extinguishing systems launch within 60 seconds”.

Borsa İstanbul aims at Regional Leadership with the Primary Data Center and Data Wall

Construction of the new data center started in 2013 and comprises 170 cabinets versus 40 cabinets of the data center which was established in 1993. The cabinets are not physically accessible, and each has a unique digital key. The capacity will increase by at least four fold when the Center is launched, which means a consequent parallel increase in the trading speed. The fact that all servers work in redundancy eliminates data loss risks.

Currently, it takes 15 milliseconds for an order to be transmitted from the computers of intermediary institutions to Borsa İstanbul. This period will be decreased to 1 milliseconds thanks to the technology offered by the Primary Data Center. Therefore, Borsa İstanbul’s most important capital has become its servers and Borsa İstanbul will be able to serve as the data center of the region’s exchanges as part of its strategic partnership with NASDAQ OMX. The Primary Data Center will also offer co-location services for banks.


-Borsa İstanbul indices (30-100)
-5 Main Sector Indices (Industrial, services, financial, etc.)
-Gold Exchange data and charts
-VIOP Index, data and charts
-Logos, ticker codes, prices, price change charts of the assets traded on Borsa İstanbul
- Display as data and chart of some of the investment instruments traded on Borsa İstanbul Markets classified and filtered on the basis of certain criteria (display of column information on Borsa İstanbul bulletin including the highest and lowest change, traded value, traded volume, number of contracts)
- Debt Securities Market data and charts (Repo-reverse repo, outright purchases and sales)