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Representation of Members on Borsa İstanbul (Representative Application)


Trading on Borsa İstanbul is carried out by brokers approved by Borsa İstanbul Board, provided that they fulfill the qualifications envisaged in the relevant legislation and that they have been authorized by the Members.

Borsa İstanbul organizes training programs for the markets that brokers will trade in. Persons that have successfully completed the training programs and fulfill the qualifications envisaged in the relevant legislation may operate on Borsa İstanbul markets as brokers.

Broker candidates who satisfy the requirements for being a broker as envisaged in the relevant legislation must fill the application form (Equity Market/Debt Securities Market/Derivatives Market/Precious Metals and Diamond Markets), and submit an application to Borsa İstanbul with the documents specified in the form.

In the Precious Metals and Diamond Markets, brokers may be authorized for trading and/or settlement, provided that they fulfill the requirements.

Please click here for the list compiled in accordance with the Temporary Article 3 of Serial VIII Communiqué no. 34 regarding the Principles of Licensing and Registration for those operating in the Capital Markets.