BIST Increasing AVOD.E 1.51 19.84 % DESA.E 1.45 19.83 % CRFSA.E 4.36 19.78 % BOYP.E 5.78 18.93 % TUCLK.E 2.38 17.82 % Decreasing ADESE.E 11.84 -20.00 % HALKS.E 1.48 -20.00 % IZTAR.E 11.33 -19.99 % ARTI.E 1.17 -13.97 % RALYH.E 1.73 -13.50 % VIOP Most Change O_VAKBNE1218P4.45 % -100,00 O_VAKBNE1218P4.45 % -100,00 O_VAKBNE1218P4.45 % -100,00 O_VAKBNE1218P4.45 % -100,00 O_VAKBNE1218P4.45 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_USDTRY1218 745.731 F_XU0301218 383.062 F_USDTRY1118 226.258 F_XAUTRYM1218 127.783 F_YKBNK1118 122.060


This index is composed of the equities of companies that are publicly offered and have started to be traded on the BIST Stars, BIST Main markets, as well as the real estate investment trusts and venture capital investment trusts traded on the Collective and Structured ProductsMarket. Companies are included in BIST IPO Index on the first trading day and remain in the index for 2 years.

If the number of companies included in the Index falls below 5, those that have completed the two-year term will remain in the Index until replaced by a new company offered to the public. According to that exception, when a new company is included in the Index, companies which continue to remain in the Index are excluded from the Index respectively, in consideration of the period of time they remained in the Index.

A constituent company is excluded from the Index on the first workday of the 25th month following its first trading day.

A capping ratio of 20% is applied as from the December 2, 2013 to the BIST IPO Index. When there is a change in the scope of the index, the weights of constituent stocks are checked without any capping being applied. If there is a stock whose weight is greater than 20 %, the weight is decreased to 20 % using theweighting factor.