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Borsa İstanbul Point-of-Presence in London Equinix LD5

Borsa İstanbul launches its Point of Presence (PoP) service to extend its market data infrastructure worldwide. As of January 2015, data vendors have an access to Borsa İstanbul’s market data offering via London Equinix LD5.

Borsa İstanbul London LD5 PoP service offers:

The live data stream is provided to the customer at the switches on LD5. The system works with backup switch and backup network connection.

Figure 1. Topology of Point-of-Presence in London Equinix LD5

The address of the Borsa İstanbul London PoP location is:

     Equinix LD5 – London Slough IBX Data Center
     8 Buckingham Avenue Slough Trading Estate
     Slough Bershire SL1 4AX
     United Kingdom

In order to connect Borsa Istanbul market data at London PoP, please complete following steps:

  1. Contact with Marketing and Sales Department at "vyk-marketing [at]"
  2. Contact with Spintek (responsible for running the operations in London) and request information for connection needs

Mr. Kaya Bag; "kaya [at]", +90 532 291 19 28

Mr. Umut Sonkurt; "umut.sonkurt [at]", +90 212 275 95 95

  1. Contact with Borsa İstanbul Network Department to complete your connection setup.
  2. After completing all the technical and administrative requirements (including the Data Dissemination Agreement requirements), start operating.
Pricing at PoP location can be found in the Data Distribution Agreement (DDA). For DDA, please contact "vyk-marketing [at]"