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Borsa İstanbul market data are disseminated on real time, delayed and end of day basis through Borsa İstanbul's licensed data vendors.

Based on user needs, Borsa İstanbul data are classified under two groups: market depth and basic data. Market depth data are followed by professional users who monitor the market (portfolio managers, fund managers etc.). Basic data are rather preferred by long-term investors and delivered on a real time, delayed or end of day basis, and are more comprehensive in content compared with other stock exchanges.

Borsa İstanbul delivers market depth and basic data to ten thousands of domestic and international users via more than one hundred data vendors.

There are various options for data vendors to receive data:

  • Directly connection to Borsa İstanbul’s data center (Co-location)
  • PoP @ London Equinix LD5
  • MetroEthernet
  • FTP
  • Web Service

In case of co-location, a cabinet with electricity, air-conditioning and connectivity to data dissemination systems is offered where data vendors can accommodate their equipment.

Borsa İstanbul Fee Schedule