BIST Increasing DOHOL.E 1.24 19.23 % DENIZ.E 8.76 16.64 % HURGZ.E 1.68 14.29 % KRSAN.E 5.65 11.88 % KERVN.E 0.52 10.64 % Decreasing CEMAS.E 3.52 -19.82 % PKENT.E 61.3 -10.97 % VANGD.E 2.97 -9.17 % SELGD.E 0.35 -7.89 % METAL.E 1.52 -5.59 % VIOP Most Change O_XU030E0418P132.000 % 104,23 O_EKGYOE0518P2.65 % -100,00 O_EKGYOE0518P2.65 % -100,00 O_EKGYOE0518P2.65 % -100,00 O_EKGYOE0518P2.65 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XU0300418 387.089 F_USDTRY0418 291.990 F_VAKBN0418 137.851 F_EKGYO0318 84.176 F_KRDMD0418 76.502


Member Representative Trainings

Borsa İstanbul organizes "Equity Market Member Representative Assistant Training" and "Debt Securities Market Member Representative Training" for the employees of intermediary institutions. The Equity Market member representatives are also entitled to operate as member representatives in the Emerging Companies Market.

Company Employee Trainings

Borsa İstanbul organizes training programs for the employees of companies whose stocks are traded on the market bi-annually, in June and December.

Practical Student Training Program (PSTP)

Borsa İstanbul organizes 2-week training programs throughout the year for university students.  Aimed at evoking a vision in the youth who will shape the future of our country before stepping into the working life, the Program offers detailed information about the Turkish capital market and operation of Borsa İstanbul markets. 

Borsa İstanbul also lends support to universities and public institutions by appointing lecturers to various programs in order to share its knowledge and experience with the market and institutions.