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Inaugurated by the initiative of Borsa İstanbul and by the participation of relevant organizations, Sustainability Platform aims to create a sharing network which enables result-oriented and effective realization of the sustainability activities and powerful discussions on future joint steps in the field of sustainability. 

Together with Borsa İstanbul, NGOs including sectoral unions, associations and foundations, international associations and regulatory authorities may be accepted as members to the Platform.

Private companies cannot be accepted as members. However, they may be invited to Platform meetings and they may contribute to the activities of the Platform within their domain of interest.


Borsa İstanbul, Capital Markets Board of Turkey, the Banks Association of Turkey, Turkish Capital Markets Association, Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, Business Council for Sustainable Development Turkey, Global Compact Turkey, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Turkey, Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), Turkish Investor Relations Society (TÜYİD), Sustainability Academy, Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey, Arguden Governance Academy and Center for Finance, Governance and Sustainability, Integrated Reporting Network Turkey (ERTA).


Working Area

Underlining its intention to develop a robust and long-term relationship between its members, Sustainability Platform works on increasing the awareness and knowledge regarding sustainability, providing its support to enable sustainability issues to take part in the relevant legislation and regulations, promoting sustainability practices and collaborating with related  international agencies.


Envisaged to meet at least twice a year in principle, Sustainability Platform organizes joint events with prominent national and international institutions.