BIST Increasing QNBFL.E 5.28 20.00 % MMCAS.E 1.1 12.24 % IEYHO.E 0.45 9.76 % YAYLA.E 1.17 9.35 % BOYP.E 4.27 9.21 % Decreasing AVOD.E 2.56 -20.00 % VKFYO.E 2.72 -20.00 % ICBCT.E 9.02 -19.96 % OYAYO.E 1.49 -19.89 % TACTR.E 3.35 -19.47 % VIOP Most Change O_EREGLE0119P9.90 % -100,00 O_EREGLE0119P9.90 % -100,00 O_EREGLE0119P9.90 % -100,00 O_EREGLE0119P9.90 % -100,00 O_EREGLE0119P9.90 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_USDTRY1218 817.665 F_XU0301218 402.739 F_USDTRY0219 129.562 F_XAUTRYM1218 119.353 F_YKBNK1218 103.832


Research and Business Development Department, in accordance with Borsa İstanbul’s vision and strategic objectives, is responsible for conducting business development activities and research studies on the development of new products and markets, on the improvement of existing markets and systems, and to those ends, ensuring necessary coordination with both in-house business units and external stakeholders.  Also it aims developing research, related to Borsa İstanbul’s strategic plan, conducting projects with external stakeholders, especially with universities, organizing conferences and workshops, issuing working papers and presenting them in national and international conferences.

Research activities focus on improvement of policy oriented research studies related to economy and finance, development of high qualified human resource and policy applications about financial markets, investors and economic stability. Issuing working papers, bringing economists together sharing the same research interests, hosting short-term visitors, organizing several research conferences, sponsoring them and enabling the staff to join those conferences and enhancing the intellectual environment of Borsa İstanbul are within the scope of research activities. Research activities, including financial markets and institutions, investor behavior, financial centers, market networks, Islamic finance and current economic and financial trends also covers the publication of Borsa İstanbul Review which offers a scientific platform for empirical financial studies.

Business development activities include taking active role in producing result oriented and efficient projects, determining new study areas, conducting cooperative activities with stakeholders, and coordination and actualization of different studies. Those business development activities focus on pursuit of international successful examples and current market trends, coordination with both in-house business units and external stakeholders so that new projects and business ideas may be developed to increase competitive power of Borsa İstanbul. Analysis of necessity and state of play, determination of target audience, preparation of risk analysis and feasibility reports and research related to those areas are among the daily work. In accordance with the studies on financial and commodities markets, business development activities include periodic workshops and meetings with related sector institutions in order to develop new business areas. Besides all, according to the mission of making İstanbul a regional and global financial center, İstanbul International Finance Center Project is coordinated within business development activities on behalf of Borsa İstanbul.