BIST Increasing MCTAS.E 19.8 20.00 % CELHA.E 6.51 7.43 % SERVE.E 2.4 6.19 % ATSYH.E 0.4 5.26 % DGATE.E 5.63 4.45 % Decreasing EKIZ.E 0.35 -10.26 % DARDL.E 1.16 -6.45 % OZGYO.E 4.37 -6.02 % ITTFH.E 3.47 -5.71 % DOKTA.E 11.15 -5.51 % VIOP Most Change O_PETKME1118P5.20 % 162,50 O_EKGYOE1218C2.95 % -100,00 O_EKGYOE1218C2.95 % -100,00 O_EKGYOE1218C2.95 % -100,00 O_EKGYOE1218C2.95 % -100,00 Highest Open Position F_XU0301018 417.147 F_USDTRY1018 362.474 F_USDTRY1218 273.188 F_USDTRY0918 170.462 F_XAUTRYM1018 142.126


As an institution well aware of  its role in the Turkish economy, Borsa İstanbul employs a well-educated staff that is conscious of the mission imposed on it. Borsa İstanbul's highly qualified staff structure and its understanding of fast and high-quality service are the factors behind the development that it has registered since its establishment.
At Borsa İstanbul, the only criterion in recruiting, appointing and promoting a personnel is his/her qualifications and achievements.

The personnel is offered a comfortable and secure working environment parallel with the importance of the task he/she undertakes.

The personnel is encouraged to achieve success, provided with opportunities to improve his/her knowledge, opinions and professional qualifications, and those who achieve superior success are rewarded.

Managers of every level strive to create a working environment enhancing the personnel’s motivation and to build good human relations.

Through the training programs organized, the personnel are prepared for new tasks.

To maintain the dynamism of the personnel and to improve their experience, departmental rotation is applied.

Each personnel is considered as an important ring of the corporate chain.