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Starting from June 1, 2009, all notifications of listed companies announced to public via “Public Disclosure Platform” which is an electronic disclosure system using internet and electronic signature technologies.

The platform was developed collectively by CMB, Borsa İstanbul and TUBITAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey). The system is operated and managed by Borsa İstanbul.

All listed companies have to disclose their financial statements, explanatory notes, material events and all other disclosures via Public Disclosure Platform on internet with e-signature of their officially authorised users.

The system allows all users to access to both the current and past notifications of a listed company, to access current announcements and up-to-date general information about all listed companies on a equally and a timely basis, to inquire basic comparisons or analyses among companies.

The internet address of Public Disclosure Platform is For the time being, the website serves only in Turkish. However, the construction study of English website is being continued.